Susan Brommer

Hi, hello, welcome. My name is Susan and I'm a data scientist in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Below is some information and are - more importantly - links to click.


Email susan [at] [this domain]

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19 August 2020 On the trustworthiness of tests


Neural network

Advent of Code

Project Euler


2018-current Freelance Data Scientist

2017-current Developer at Clocktimizer

2017-2019 Co-founder and CEO of EduCode

2012-2018 Teaching Assistant at University Utrecht

2015-2017 Master's Degree Computing Science, unfinished

2009-2014 Bachelor's Degree Artificial Intelligence, 8.5 (Cum Laude)

2013-2014 Competitive rowing at ORCA

2011-2012 Secretary of USCKI Incognito